Virtual Author Assistant/PR for Authors

Why not let me help you to promote your book?

As you probably already know, writing a book involves a lot of time and effort. The trouble is, many great authors work hard to create a wonderful book, yet their work never receives the recognition it deserves. Often this is because they lack marketing skills, or they don’t have the time to promote their work. Why let this happen to you when you have worked so hard to write your book in the first place?

Did You Know Your Book Can Reach Number 1 on Amazon Before it is Published?

The writers who achieve best seller status don’t necessarily write the best books.  What they do excel at is promoting their work online. You might be surprised to learn that the most successful writers begin marketing their books before they have finished writing them. John Green, author of “The Fault in Their Stars” reached number 1 on both Amazon and Barnes Noble before his book was even released. That’s right, his book was a success before anyone had read a single page.

The Ultimate Social Media Package for Authors

  We can work together on a monthly basis, to achieve the results you want. This package includes:

√ Maintenance of your site and social media accounts– to save you time.
√ New background and header design for your social media accounts to give you a strong professional image.
√ Up-to-date account on Goodreads (Goodreads Librarian)
√ Online promotion of upcoming releases and special events – to let the world know about your work.
√ Your own monthly newsletter – to connect with your fans and stoke their enthusiasm for your work.
√ Streamlining of all your updates from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Goodreads, Blogger and WordPress. So you have everything in one convenient place.

Can you imagine having all that work taken care of, so that you can focus on your writing? And the great news is, this excellent service is within reach of most writers.
Ultimate Social Media Packages start at only $35 a month for two hours work. If you would like to learn more, please email me.

How Is That Even Possible?

John achieved huge sales success by promoting his book to 1.1 million Twitter followers, well before the publication date. Of course, most people don’t have the time or experience to get over a million followers on Twitter, or the necessary social media marketing skills.  And that is where I come in.

Let Me Help You to Sell More Copies of Your Book 

To help your book achieve the success it deserves, I offer two competitive packages and several stand-alone services.

Virtual Author Assistant/PR for Authors

Daily tasks such as dealing with email, updating your social media accounts, blog promotion etc., are important. But as a writer, you already know how time consuming these activities can be. The good news is, it actually costs very little to have them taken care of for you. I can help you out for as little as $55 a month.

Imagine how much time you would save if you had someone to: 

  • Send you weekly reminders about your upcoming events, deadlines, etc.
  • Promote your work on various blogs
  • Keep your social media accounts up to date
  • Manage your calendar
  • Organise your daily schedule
  • Deal with your emails
  • Compose monthly newsletter, and announcement emails.
  • Respond to forum questions on your behalf
  • Communicate with reviewers and bloggers from our spreadsheet to get ARC’s/review copies out for review. Keep track of who is getting it done and send reminders if necessary. Keep track of links to reviews for Facebook posting and Tweeting.
  • Update your blog or website
  • Chase pirates

I can provide all these services at the following rates, according to your needs: 

  • On demand: $30.00 per hour
  • 2 hours a month: $55.00
  • 4 hours a month: $100.00
  • 8 hours a month: $200.00
  • 20 hours a month: $500.00
  • 30 hours a month: $700.00
  • >More on Request

Inbox Rescue 

In need of help? Thousands of emails, piling up and bursting at the inbox-seams?  The author should be writing, let me worry about your inbox!Think off high priority emails, fan email, handle requests for swag, personal message emails. Or lists and respond dates for promotional appearances.

  • $75 (First Time) up-to 500 emails
  • $100 over 500 emails
  • $15 maintenance (hour/week)

Who am I and Why Should You Choose to Work With Me?Imagine how much more writing you could get done, if all these tasks were being taken care of at a low cost? If you would like to take advantage of this service and free up your time, send me an email to discuss your needs:[divider]

I am Iris Hunter, founder of Paranormal Cravings. I have a passion for books in your genre, and helping authors like you success online. My connections and experience will ensure that you receive the best promotion for your book.   In addition to my 15 years of experience as an Art Director, I am a Good Reads Librarian, and one of the top 10% of reviewers out of 20 million readers. My skills and experience include:

√ Membership of a large network of book lovers, with over 900 bloggers/blog hosts
√ 5 years social media marketing experience
√ Over 10 years book marketing experience
√ Word Press Expert
√ Certified Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketer
√ A huge social media network

Does it really make sense to choose another marketing service, when you can work with someone who focuses on marketing books in your genre and has the skills and experience to help you achieve success? If you would like to speak to me more to discover how I can help you, email me.

  • In addition to monthly packages, I also offer additional services including: 

    • Beta Reading
    • Website/blog maintenance
    • Graphic Design
    • Blog Tours


    And if you would like help with your book, I offer: 

    √ Proof reading
    √ Editing
    √ Plot Feedback
    √ Advice on consistency
    √ Character and World Building

Note that we consider every request carefully to make sure it’s a good fit for our tour hosts. Please make sure to read the above information before sending a request. We reserve the right to accept or decline any event request, and to cancel an event with full refund at any time, for any reason.