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The Pet Project: Unnatural Selection by Amanda Milo

The Pet Project: Unnatural Selection by Amanda Milo

Way out of the comfort zone for us. A story about a dog breeding program only then with aliens and the dogs are human. A Dark Romance in my opinion. People are being held in cages, groomed and pet. The are walked every day. Some romance and erotica, part half forced because it is a breeding program to het results certain treats the half human have to let that continue in the offspring. Like with we breed with dog breeds like spaniels and only continue with the smallest of the group or dogs bred for small noses. There are children involved only they will never be free like a dog kept by it’s owner. Not really a good perspective if you ask me. Would have love to read that they got free. but alas

This story is with one female lead character and thee males. Although 2 of them are not happy with this setup and where unneeded for the overall story line and only added unnecessary sex scenes. They popped in for sexy-time then faded away for the story to continue with the 2 leads. The three children where 90% napping in the afternoon 🙂

This book has to be your cup of thee to enjoy.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
The Pet Project: Unnatural Selection by Amanda Milo

Unnatural Selection

by Amanda Milo

Series: The Pet Project
Category: Science Fiction
Reading Time: 3 hours
Published by Independently on March 27, 2020
Featuring: Alien Captivity, breeding, dark romance, 18+
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About this book

The aliens who have been raising us humans for hundreds of generations love to focus on developing and accentuating all the traits that Homo sapiens can express. And the man I’ve been locked in a cage with is an example of selective tampering at its most extreme.He’s what we humans refer to as an ‘Ornamental.’Keeper wants to pair us because he wants to replicate the looks of this male.There’s just one problem.This man is angry and mean. And he’s dead set against passing on his genes.But being denied isn’t going to make Keeper very happy…
**Note: this is a Standalone 36K Short Story Science Fiction Romance. Unnatural Selection is set in the same universe as The Pet Project, but it doesn't reference any of the characters and can be enjoyed entirely by itself. This book is for readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations. There is a light Reverse Harem set-up warning for those who don't want to read RH--and for those who do. Enjoy, my friends!♥


About Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo is a diehard lover of romance. She has written sweet sexy plot ideas, snappy dialogue notes, and crammed entire chapters on everything from notebook paper to library book receipts. (Hey, those receipts could get really long sometimes; there was enough space.)

It’s time to share the stories that have stuck with her over the years.

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