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Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde (with except)

Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde (with except)

Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde (with except)

Shadows & Surrender

by Deborah Wilde

Series: The Jezebel Files #3
Category: Urban Fantasy, Fiction
Reading Time: 6 hours
Published by Te Da Media on June 2, 2020
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About this book

Ash wanted a career filled with challenging mysteries.She should have specified she didn’t mean her family.
When a murder scene reveals a connection to Ash’s father who abandoned her when she was thirteen, she's stunned. He may be the key to stopping Chariot from achieving immortality.
The catch? He could be hiding anywhere in the world.
To make matters worse, Levi, Ash's romantic entanglement and brand-new boss, has his first official case for her: helping his ex-girlfriend, a.k.a. Ash's childhood tormentor.
No one ever said adulting was easy.
As secrets multiply and alliances get deadlier, Ash's investigation takes her back into Hedon and into her own past. Cracking this case could reunite her family... or cost her everyone she holds dear.
Actual ghosts have nothing on the ghosts of her past.


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When you pick up a Deborah Wilde book, you know you’re going to get strong, kicke-ass heroine, deep characters with a good dose of humor and an snarky personality, and the 3rd book in the Jezebel series is no exception to this. It is amazing and some heart breaking, This was a 5-star book, and I am eagerly anticipating the next in the series as we’ve been given some tantalizing, answers in this book that just raise a whole other load of questions that I am sure that Sherlock and her side-kicks will unravel. Great read this one. Start with book One. You will be in for a ride!

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Fun Quotes

“You stuck around some dead woman’s home?” she fumed. “Were you hoping the murderer came back and upped their body count?” – Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde

“My darling friend was a little tornado of chaos, scattering her belongings around her like seeds in need of planting.” – Shadows & Surrender by Deborah Wilde

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