Shadowborn Queen by G. Bailey & Scarlett Snow

Shadowborn Queen by G. Bailey  & Scarlett Snow

Shadowborn Queen

by G. Bailey, Scarlett Snow

Series: Dark Fae Paranormal Prison #3
Reading Time: 3 hours
Published by Midnight Publishing Limited on July 15, 2020
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About this book

The throne is my fate…and I can’t escape.
I’m Izora Dawn and I’m finally free from the prisons I was stuck in. Except for a tiny problem: The Enchanted Forest is at war, the Shadowborn Academy is nearly destroyed and I have to stop the titans before they destroy the world and take the last of my family with them.
Turns out the outside world is far more dangerous than any prison could be.
With my mates at my side, I will find the Titan keys and end their destruction for good. I can't fail, my sisters need me and so do the light fae...or what is left of them.
And royal fae never give up.
Shadowborn Royals is a crossover spin-off to Shadowborn Academy. You do not need to read the latter to follow this series. One thing is for sure—not even the shadows can be trusted in this Enchanted Forest…18+ Reverse Harem Dark Fae Prison Romance.


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Shadowborn Royals


  • Adult: Yes
  • Featuring: Reverse Harem, Dragon, Fae
  • Cover: 5
  • Characters: 5
  • Suspense: 4.5
  • Romance: 4
  • Heat: 3
  • Fast paced: Yes
  • Cliffhanger(?): No
  • Epilogue: Yes (Amazing)
  • Total: 4 stars

The conclusion to this series. This is the spin-off series from Shadowborn Academy and it is just as amazing!  The end to Izora & her guy’s story. Corvina & Izora were thrust into a world they knew nothing about & against all odds became the Queens to unite both worlds. The epilogue was also a neat treat for those of us who have been following this story to its conclusion. A peek sneak in the life after 10 year.


About G. Bailey

G. Bailey is a USA Today bestselling author of books that are filled with everything from dragons to pirates. Plus, fantasy worlds and breath-taking adventures. Oh, and some swoon-worthy men that no girl could forget. G. Bailey is from the very rainy U.K. where she lives with her husband, two children and three cheeky dogs. And, of course, the characters in her head that never really leave her, even as she writes them down for the world to read!

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