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Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) by Suzanne Wright

Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) by Suzanne Wright

Fun first installment of the Deep in Your Veins Series by Suzanne Wright. This novel contains an iron-willed female vampire with an energy whip, a sexist male vampire who is determined to have her, explicit vampy sex, and a romance story with real bite.


Fun Quote

A vampire bite was a lot like a kiss; there were different styles. For instance, there was the firm bite; clamping the eyeteeth abruptly down and making the suction fast, hard and greedy. Then there was the softer approach; tenderly popping the skin with the tips of the eyeteeth and then feeling the blood rush into your mouth, keeping the suction gentle and slow. Of course there was also a bite that was somewhere between the firm and the soft style that some vampires preferred to do. – Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) by Suzanne Wright

In short

  • Adult: Yes
  • Featuring: Kick ass female, Vampire, Magic, Friends, Hot Romance
  • Cover: 1
  • Characters: 5
  • Suspense: 3
  • Romance: 4
  • Heat: 4
  • Fast paced: Yes
  • Cliffhanger: No
  • Epilogue: Yes
  • Total: 4,5 stars
Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) by Suzanne Wright

Here Be Sexist Vampires

by Suzanne Wright

Series: Deep in Your Veins #1
Reading Time: 4 hours
Published by Independently on January 13, 2013
Featuring: Vampires, Kick Ass Heroine, Romance, Snarky
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About this book

Sam Parker is a vampire with a gift so strong and substantial that she is invited to partake in a test for a place in the Grand High Master Vampire’s private army. She finds that not only has the army never included a woman, but it has never included a Sventé vampire; a breed that is regarded by the super strong Pagori breed and the hypnotically beautiful Keja breed to be too tame and human-like. Most refuse to take her seriously, especially a Pagori commander named Jared who she craves in spite of herself.
The Grand High Master, however, sees her potential and offers her the position of Jared’s co-commander to help train the newest squad in time for the impending attack on his home. Sam has to demonstrate to Jared and the squad of chauvinists why it is incredibly foolish to underestimate a willful, temperamental, borderline-homicidal Sventé female.


About Suzanne Wright

Suzanne Wright lives in England with her husband and two children. When she’s not spending time with her family, she’s writing, reading or doing her version of housework – sweeping the house with a look.

She’s worked in a pharmaceutical company, at a Disney Store, at a primary school as a voluntary teaching assistant, at the RSCPA and has a First Class Honours degree in Psychology and Identity Studies.

As to her interests, she enjoys reading, writing, reading, writing (sort of eat, sleep, write, repeat), spending time with her family, movie nights with her sisters and playing with her two Bengal kittens.

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