Frost Fae (Dark Fae Kings #2) by Meg Xuemei X.

Frost Fae (Dark Fae Kings #2) by Meg Xuemei X.

Fever Fae

by Meg Xuemei X.

Series: Dark Fae Kings #2
Category: Paranormal Romance
Reading Time: 2.5 hours
Published by Amazon Services LLC on October 28th 2020
Featuring: Fae, Kings, Vampire, Reverse Harem, Bar, Shifters
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About this book

A Fae court Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

"I'll ravish you for hours. Days. I won't ever stop." That's the Fae Kings' ritual of courting and claiming. Sorry I asked.

The three Fae kings insist I'm their fated mate, and they're terrible at sharing.

I know I should turn my back on them before they ruin me.

They're too ruthless, feral, possessive, and well, too hot for me to feel safe.

A girl would have a better chance of swimming with sharks than walking among the predatory Fae, let alone tangling with them between the sheets.

But did I adhere to my own advice?

And now my unbridled lust complicates everything, leading me right into the Dawn Queen's trap. To claim the kings for herself, the viper thrusts me into the Wild Hunt.

There's only one way out of the deadly game--unleash the terrible, forbidden magic in me, jump off the cliff, and hope my mates catch me.


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Fever Fae


A quick one day read. But definitely better then book 1!
Big improvements have been made in character- and world building.

I am curious how the betrayal from this book will play out. I is obvious he did it to protect the lead character and to give her an ultimate escape. A betrayal and sacrifice in one. It was gritty and exciting to read about. I do love a big betrayal of a loved one in a book:)

I sure hope it all works out in book #3 and that it won’t be like. “He babe I did it for you” and she just forgives him and that is it.

I don’t like loose end in a book. So I hope to read about the giggle of the wicked queen. He has been with the other woman a whole day. It can not be explained that nothing happened. And then is there the fact he had a harem? Will that be explained why he didn’t told her about that? There have been so many hints that the mystery is almost lost for the reader.

I still think the other two fey kings don’t add anything to the mix. I would have been ok if it was just Rydstrom. > He is still my favorite 🙂

The lead character is a kick-ass young female with the attention of three that is not shy, know how to give a lap dance, is too horny to think straight but can’t look at them because they are pretty?! I don’t get it.

p.s. who is taking care of the kids when she is gone? or is all this only happening during school hours?! ha ha

Fun quote:

“You are all vain, possessive, arrogant, self-absorbed, cruel, ruthless, demanding, controlling, volatile, violent, insensitive, aggressive, and unreasonable.” I counted” – Frost Fae (Dark Fae Kings #2) by Meg Xuemei X

About Meg Xuemei X.

Meg Xuemei X is a USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She finds it delightful to be around drop-dead gorgeous alpha males who are forever tormented by her feisty heroines, unseelie fae, dark vampires, menacing demigods, demon A-holes and fallen angels, fun shifters. and cunning witches.


Love betrayal

Kick-ass Female

Fun and dark alpha man



Open ends

Empty main characters


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