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Fever Fae (Dark Fae Kings #1) by Meg Xuemei X

Fever Fae (Dark Fae Kings #1) by Meg Xuemei X

Fever Fae (Dark Fae Kings #1) by Meg Xuemei X

Fever Fae

by Meg Xuemei X.

Series: Dark Fae Kings #1
Category: Paranormal Romance
Reading Time: 2.5 hours
June 6th 2020
Featuring: Fae, Kings, Vampire, Reverse Harem, Bar, Shifters
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About this book

Yes, to the hottest, baddest Fae Kings. No, to being their bitch.
When my parents mysteriously disappear, leaving me to raise my six crazy, younger siblings, my dreams for college are dashed.
It gets worse when someone sends a slew of monster assassins after me. Their untimely arrival is followed by three devastatingly hot Fae who stalk me.
Baron, the pompous and dominating Summer King, thinks I'm a dark Fae and wants my head. Then he changes his mind and declares me his fated mate. Hells-a-no. Especially now that he wants me to prove my worth. Really?
Then there's Rowan, the possessive and cruel Winter King, who offers to protect me from the assassins, but only if I accept his obnoxious courtship requests.
And finally, there's Night King Rydstrom, a dangerous and mysterious Fae with an ass that doesn't quit, who thinks he has every right to play me like a fiddle.
Too bad for them, I'm not the docile type they're used to commanding. I might want them, but I have no intention of joining the trail of broken hearts and bodies in their wake.
For I hold a deep, dark secret. Their arrival has woken in me the very forbidden magic they've been hunting, and I, Evelina, am going to have a wicked good time teaching these Fae kings a lesson.


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Fever Fae


Fun first installment. (1 day read)

The beginning is a little raw around the edges. The writing a bit sloppy there. But half-way the book it runs at lot more smoothly but not perfect.

There seem so be some stages when something needs to happen in the book going from left to right. Romance, action, family, sad lead female, reverse harem, dark tention from one lead male, even a porn lap dance. And why the last one is in there. No idea. It was totally out of the the blue. But maybe there was a romance part scheduled at that part!>?

The lead female character is fun to read. There is a Dark Prince that is also hot and bothering but way out of place if you compare it with the princes of summer and winter court that are als in compete with the attention of the female lead character. The last two don’t add anything to the story and I not sure why they are even in the book.

Overall the world-building is making it up to it. There is a fun bar and even better side characters that I hope get more room in the next books.

Fun quote:

“Fuck off now.” “Who said it’s enough?” one of the pack dudes chuckled lewdly. “I say the fun has just started.” “I say it’s enough.” A voice dropped like a bomb, deep, rich, yet more dangerous than midnight murder. The club instantly silenced, like death had just arrived. Even the music seemed quieter. I followed everyone’s gaze and stared up at a man standing on the balcony of the second floor, looking down like a king surveying his subjects. His dark gaze held mine, and I parted my lips like a star-struck teen. His jet-black hair flowed to his broad shoulders and framed his savagely beautiful face. His sinful lips promised the wickedest pleasure.

About Meg Xuemei X.

Meg Xuemei X is a USA Today and Amazon Charts bestselling author of paranormal and fantasy romance. She finds it delightful to be around drop-dead gorgeous alpha males who are forever tormented by her feisty heroines, unseelie fae, dark vampires, menacing demigods, demon A-holes and fallen angels, fun shifters. and cunning witches.

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