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Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin

Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin

Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin

Dead of Night

by Emily Goodwin

Series: Thorne Hill #1
Category: Paranormal Romance
Reading Time: 6 hours
Published by Amazon Services LLC on March 25, 2019
Featuring: vampire, kick-ass heroine, witch, cats
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About this book

From bestselling author Emily Goodwin comes the epic start to a sexy and exciting paranormal romance series...
Never trust a vampire.
I might have learned that lesson the hard way. But when I find myself in a vampire-owned bar, I don’t have much of a choice. With vampires still trying to assimilate into mainstream society, I’ve done Lucas King a favor by stopping one of his patrons from draining a human dry in the basement of his bar. A favor he'd prefer to repay in bed than in kind.
Vampires and witches have had more than a jaded history, and when witches start showing up dead in surrounding covens, all signs point to something old and powerful. Something that knows the ways of the witches.
Something--or someone--like Lucas. 
What's worse than trusting a vampire? Falling in love with one.


Other books from this series

Dark of Night, Call of Night, Still of Night (Thorne Hill, #4)


I fell in love with Callie in the first chapter. She was sassy and strong, but a vulnerability and self-deprecation were simmering just below the surface that made her intensely likable. As the novel went on, I found myself more and more fascinated with Callie. Lucas was not instantly enchanting, his broody moodiness called to me in a different way, a more intense way. He’s precisely the kind of book boyfriend I appreciate most. I loved how intensely they connected and respected each other’s wants, needs, and abilities.

While the developing relationship between Callie and Lucas was the highlight of Dead of Night for me, the suspense and drama kept me equally glued to my kindle while I was reading. I was desperately trying to hold onto each reveal and put together all the answers I needed before the pages quit coming, I didn’t quite get all of them, but it left me salivating for the next book in this series, Dark of Night.

Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) is available on Kindle Unlimited, If you want to continue with this series you have to pay $3.99 p/book (series of 7 books now).


Fun Quotes

“Hit him hard and hit him deep. Strike the heart and make him weep,” I whisper and feel magic pulse through my hand and into the blade. Without a second thought, I spring up and turn, throwing the dagger into the night. It hits one of the demons, sinking into its chest and sizzling with red-hot magic. – Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin


“You have to understand.” His voice is deep and gravelly with need. “I don’t want to just fuck you. I want you, and fucking you is only the beginning. I. Want. You,” he says slowly. “I want you to be mine.” – Dead of Night (The Thorne Hill Series Book 1) by Emily Goodwin

About Emily Goodwin

Emily Goodwin is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of over a dozen of romantic titles. Emily writes the kind of books she likes to read, and is a sucker for a swoon-worthy bad boys and happily ever afters.

She lives in the midwest with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, you can find her riding her horses, hiking, reading, or drinking wine with friends.

Emily is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency.

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