Claimed by the Alien Warrior by Hope Hart

Claimed by the Alien Warrior by Hope Hart

Claimed by the Alien Warrior

by Hope Hart

Series: Warriors of Agron #2
Category: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction
Reading Time: Alien, Kick-ass female, wounded hours
March 20th 2020
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About this book

What’s worse than being stuck on an alien planet?

Being stuck on an alien planet when you’ve made an enemy of the local tribe King.
Okay, so I may have stolen his favorite misua and snuck away to find my friends. But he should’ve known better than to forbid me to go. I’m a marine, and we leave no man-- or woman, behind.
Besides- putting distance between us is a good thing, especially since I’m sure he’s coming after me. We’re like fire and gasoline, and spending time near him is is like lighting a match and waiting for the explosion.
So what if his dark eyes promise more pleasure than I’ve ever experienced? I’m finding my friends and getting off this planet.
Even if this alien king seems to think he owns me.
Even if a tiny part of me might like the idea of being owned… by him.

Claimed by the Alien Warrior is book two of the Warriors of Agron series, and it's a full-length romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA. While this is a standalone, you'll enjoy it much more if you read Taken by the Alien Warrior first.

If you like hot, dominant aliens, kick-ass heroines, and steamy romance, you'll love Warriors of Agron- Hope Hart's new sci-fi romance series. 

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Fun Quote


“Come on, Racia. We need to get out of here before the guard comes back.” She either understands or senses my urgency because she speeds up. I grit my teeth, holding on tightly. I’m not sure if the Braxians picked mishua to tame and ride because of their fearlessness in battle or because they’re the only option on this planet. But they sure didn’t pick them for their smooth ride.


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