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Blood Moon (New Moon Series Book 2) by Belle Harper

Blood Moon (New Moon Series Book 2) by Belle Harper

  • Wow what a surprise is this book. Started a little unsutain. But is now a crazy page turner.
  • The story i am reading? High school just got... Interesting. There are wolves roaming the school grounds and Lexi suspects her teacher is a Vampire.

Wow what a surprise is this book. Better then the first installment. Can’t wait to read the third. Page turner to the max. This is A YA for 17+. ~Possible Trigger warnings. This book contains violence and ‘self sacrificing heroes’ which my be triggers for some readers.~ ~MM themes, and some sex themes.~

Fun Quote

Lex. I keep fucking this up, and I want to say this will be the last time, I do. But even I know that would be a lie. My wolf is hard to control,

When the small clearing came into view, I slowed as I approached the end. The cold breeze from the sea sent chills through my body, my skin prickling, and I heaved in huge gulping breaths of air between the racking sobs. This was it—the ultimate sacrifice.


Blood Moon (New Moon Series Book 2) by Belle Harper

Blood Moon

by Belle Harper

Series: New Moon, #2
Category: Young Adult
Reading Time: 3.7 hours
August 14, 2020
Featuring: School, Kick-ass Heroine, Vampire, Werewolf, Angel
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About this book

You can have your cake and eat it too... can't you?
Galen is a Vampire, Rafferty is a Red Wolf, and the twins, Ranger and Maverick shift into Grey Wolves.What the shifters don't know is there is a war brewing and Lexi is caught right in the middle.But Lexi isn't human...Is she the cure they all have been waiting for?Or is she the destruction that ends them all.
Can she save the packs and the people she has come to call family and friends?


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In short

  • Adult: Yes
  • YA: Yes
  • Featuring: Kick-ass Heroine, Vampire, Werewolf, Angel, Reverse Harem, M/M
  • Cover: 4
  • Characters: 5
  • Suspense: 4
  • Romance: 4 (sex will happen in book 2. Be aware the characters are only 17/18 years old) including Reverse Harem, And M/M
  • Heat: 2
  • Fast paced: Yes
  • Cliffhanger: No
  • Epilogue: Yes
  • Total: 5 stars
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