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Connect the world with the right book

Connect the world with the right book

Connect the world with the right book

To Desire a Dragon #4

by Amanda Milo

Series: Venys Needs Men
Category: Paranormal Romance
June 16, 2020
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About this book

The last man in our tribe told me that dragons are small and fierce, and when they bond to someone, they’ll protect them with their life.This is what our tribe needs--a protector. Our males are being stolen by raiding clans, and with the man-shortage like it is, we can’t afford to lose any more. Armed with a fishhook and a glaring naiveté, I set off to catch my dragon.I catch him alright.And I find out a few things.One: dragons aren’t small.Two: dragons don’t like fishhooks.Three: this dragon will only bond to his *mate.*So I guess the question is… do I desire a dragon?
**This novel is a 30K short story romance. It’s a complete standalone book set in a universe that author friends Naomi Lucas, Tiffany Roberts, & Poppy Rhys have been building with me for *two years* and we are finally, finally able to bring them to you wonderful fans! =D If you grab these books, I hope you love them! <3


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About Amanda Milo

Amanda Milo is a diehard lover of romance. She has written sweet sexy plot ideas, snappy dialogue notes, and crammed entire chapters on everything from notebook paper to library book receipts. (Hey, those receipts could get really long sometimes; there was enough space.)

It’s time to share the stories that have stuck with her over the years.

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