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Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up Book 2) by K.F. Breene

Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up Book 2) by K.F. Breene

Magical Midlife Dating
Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up Book 2) by K.F. Breene

Magical Midlife Dating

by K.F. Breene

Series: Leveling Up #2
Category: Urban Fantasy
Reading Time: 5 hours
Published by Independently on August 11, 2020
Featuring: Kick-ass Heroine, Vampire, Shifter, Gargoyle, Magic
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About this book

The decision has been made. Jessie has taken the magic, and all the weird that goes with it. Including wings. There's only one problem - she can't figure out how to access them.
Through a series of terrible decisions, Jessie realizes she must ask for help. Gargoyle help.
But she could've never predicted who answers her call - he's an excellent flier, incredibly patient, and a good trainer. He's also incredibly handsome. And interested.
Maybe flying isn't the only thing she needs help with. Maybe she needs help getting back on that saddle, too, emerging into the dating pool. Except, the new gargoyle is also an alpha, just like Austin, and the town isn't big enough for two. Turns out, flying is the least of her problems.


The second book in the Leveling Up series by USA Today and Wallstreet Journal Bestselling author K.F. Breene. 

She must learn to fly, but can she withstand the allure of the handsome new teacher?

A 5 stars for Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up Book 2) by K.F. Breene. Adult woman for a change. Love it that she rocks this world filled with younger book colleague characters 🙂

This is absolute Urban Fantasy to the Max. Could have used some more of Austin. But that is it. Great world building. Love the characters and story. Amazing. This series is for on your TO-READ-LIST! Must read for all UF lovers.

IN SHORT: Review score of Magical Midlife Dating (Leveling Up Book 2) by K.F. Breene is based on:

  • Adult: Yes
  • Featuring: Kick-ass Heroine, Vampire, Shifter, Gargoyle, Magic
  • Cover: 4 (bit on the boring side for this kick-ass story)
  • Characters: 5
  • Suspense: 4
  • Romance: 3
  • Heat: 1
  • Fast paced: Yes
  • Cliffhanger: No
  • Epilogue: Yes
  • Total: 5 stars

Favorite Quotes

“No. Just friends.” “Sweet. Wanna bang? Quick or slow, up to you. I can pull your hair if you like. Or you can pull mine—whatever you’re into.” For a moment, all I could do was stare while trying to process his offer. 


And one from Niamh:

“You’re the cause of it.” “You are as sharp as a tack, boy. Nothing gets past you, does it?” Niamh said to him.


About K.F. Breene

Author of FantasyParanormalRomance

K.F. Breene is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Amazon Most Sold Charts and #1 Kindle Store bestselling author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy and fantasy novels. With over three million books sold, when she’s not penning stories about magic and what goes bump in the night, she’s sipping wine and planning shenanigans. She lives in Northern California with her husband, two children and out of work treadmill.

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