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Writer’s Guide to Instagram for authors: Best hashtags

Writer’s Guide to Instagram for authors: Best hashtags

Procrastination is (probably) the only thing standing between me and best-selling author status. And what better way is there to distract myself from writing than keeping tabs on successful authors on Instagram? Sure, I could spend hours crafting my own elegant sentences and ideal hashtags. But to save you some time we have made a list of the ideal and most used hashtags for authors on Instagram.

Use The Right Hashtags.

If you’re unfamiliar with how hashtags work, they’re basically tags that makes your posts easier for readers to find. For example, if you tag your post with #bookwork, people all over the world who search for that tag can find your posts.

Some popular hashtags in the Instagram author space are:

  • #amreading
  • #bookstagrams
  • #bookstagrammer
  • #bookquote
  • #wrintingbooks
  • #bookish
  • #booklover
  • #currentread
  • #bookworm
  • #bookaholic
  • #readersofinstagram
  • #bookaddict
  • #booksofinstagram
  • #bookStacks
  • #bookseries

Don’t forget to hashtag the genre you write about:

  • #YAlover
  • #YAbooks
  • #YAfantasy
  • #PNR
  • #fantasyBooks
  • #scifiBooks
  • #scifi
  • #UF
  • #UrbanFantasy
  • #Rorror
  • #Romance
  • #Love
  • #ReverseHarem
  • #DarkRomance

Are they being used? Yes!

  • #sciFI (100 tweets per hour)
  • #fantasy (104 tweets per hour)
  • #romance (133 tweets per hour)
  • #horror (121 tweets per hour)
  • #love (1188 tweets per hour)
  • #urbanFantasy (84 tweets per hour)


“Do hashtags have capital letters?” No. You want people to be able to read your hashtag. #ImAProHashtagger is much easier to read than #imaprohashtagger, so use capital letters to break up the words in your hashtag.


Who is online on instagram?
Know your Instagram’s User Base

  • 32% of internet users (28% of all U.S. adults) use Instagram.
  • Instagram usage is especially high among young adults. An estimated 6 in 10 (59%) of online adults ages 18 – 29 use Instagram.
  • 33% of 30- to 49-year-olds use Instagram.
  • Female internet users are more likely to take a shine to this platform than men, 38% to 26%, respectively.



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Want more bookish Instagrams and authors on Instagram? Check out more accounts dedicated to book cover design, vintage books, Bookgrammers. And don’t forget to follow IG Reads on Instagram and participate with our post with #IDREADS


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